Monday, September 19, 2011

Dev T-shirts Hint at Future DLC?

Several BioWare developers have been seen wearing T-shirts with uncompleted games of hangman printed on them. It's unknown what was the purpose of the T-shirts, but perhaps they hint at locations of future DLC, expansion or Dragon Age 3 content.

1. Dragon Age's lead writer, David Gaider was seen wearing a hangman T-shirt at the Comic-Con Writer Q&A. The letters as were seen on the T-shirt:
_ _ _ _ _ _ D
_ _ R _ _
The letters N, O, Y and P were crossed out as being wrong guesses. Exalted March fits.

Exalted March hangman T-shirt.

 2. The Dragon Age 2 lead designer, Mike Laidlaw, was seen at PAX with T-shirt that contained a ship logo and an uncompleted game of hangman. The letters on the T-shirt:

_ST_ _T_H
The letters, Q, N, R and I, were crossed out as being wrong letters. Estwatch fits into the spaces. Estwatch is an island that is located east off the coast of the Free Marches, and south of Llomerynn.

 Estwatch hangman T-shirt.

3. Jennifer Brandes Hepler had already said previously that, "Sebastian's story is not finished yet", but another developer was seen at PAX wearing a hangman T-shirt that further hints that there will be DLC or other future content that involves Starkhaven and Sebastian. Sebastian's belt buckler icon was on the T-shirt, and the letters on this shirt were:
_ T _ _ K H _ _ _ _
The letters, D, U, P and I were crossed out. Starkhaven fits in the spaces.

Starkhaven hangman T-shirt.

4. One last hint was on Mark Darrah's hangman T-Shirt seen at PAX. The T-Shirt had a Dalish elf tree icon on it, and the letters:
_ I _ D E _ _ _ E 
Wildervale fits the spaces. Wildervale is a location north of Vimmark Mountains and Kirkwall.

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