Saturday, October 1, 2011

Champion Armor Set

Mantle of the Champion armor for Rogue, Mage and Warrior.
During the introduction of Dragon Age 2, Hawke is wearing the Mantle of the Champion armor set. This armor can be found later during Act 3.

Where to obtain all four pieces of the Champion armor set (spoilers):
  1. Start of Act 3
    At the start of Act 3, you will get a cut-scene of Meredith and Orsino arguing. After dealing with them, the Champion gloves are automatically given to you.
  2. Loot the High Dragon during Mine Massacre (Secondary Quest)
    If you have completed the Bone Pit quests in previous acts, Hubert in the Hightown Market will have a new quest, "Mine Massacre." To complete this quest, you will have to kill a high dragon at the Bone Pit. The Champion chestpiece is found on the high dragon's dead body.
  3. Loot Huon during On the Loose (Main Plot Quest)
    At the Hawke Estate, there will be a letter from Meredith to start the "On the Loose" quest. During this quest, you will fight and kill the mage, Huon. On Huon's dead body, you will find the Champion boots.
  4. Loot Grace during Best Served Cold (Main Plot Quest)
    After completing "On the Loose", a letter from Orsino will arrive at the Hawke Estate. This letter will start the "Best Served Cold" quest. Near the completion of this quest, you will fight the mage, Grace. You can loot her body for the Champion hood.

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