Thursday, October 20, 2011

Legacy Larius Power Nexus Puzzle Part 2

After completing the first part of the Riannon's floor puzzle, you can solve the second part of the puzzle to receive the helmet for the Regalia of Weisshaupt set.

First, activate the purple, red and green Power Nexuses as shown on the map below.

Return to the puzzle room, and rotate the columns until each stream turns white. The image below is the solution to the puzzle. The nine circles represent the bottom rings on the nine columns, and the line on the circles represent the power nexuses attached to the bottom ring. Rotate the columns so that the bottom two power nexuses are in position as shown in the image.

Nexus Puzzle Solution

Once the puzzle is solved, the barrier door at the north east of the map will come down. A piece of the Regalia of Wisshaupt set can be found in a chest behind this barrier door.


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  2. Hands down the clearest solution . Thanks ...5 years later even though this blog isn't active. They should borrow your solution on put it up on dragon age wikia.

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