Friday, October 7, 2011

Legacy Larius Power Nexus Puzzle Part 1

If you sided with Larius over Janeka during the Legacy DLC, you will end up trapped in a room on Riannon's Floor. You must solve a puzzle in the room to be able to exit the room.
Power Nexus Puzzle Room
The puzzle consists of nine columns, each with four rings. Each of these rings have two power nexuses connected to them. The goal of the puzzle is rotate the columns so that the power nexuses connect the two orange beams.

The image below shows the solution to the puzzle. The nine circles represent the bottom rings on the columns, and the two lines coming out of the circles represent the two power nexuses attached to the ring. Rotate the columns so that the bottom rings on each column are in position as shown in the image.
Power Nexus Puzzle Solution
If you have not moved any of the columns yet, you can rotate four columns as follows:
  1. Rotate the bottom south-east column once.
  2. Rotate the middle east column three times.
  3. Rotate the center column two times.
  4. Rotate the north middle column once.
For the second part of this puzzle, go here.


  1. Given that there is no compass on the map, and that the camera angle has likely panned after defeating the Carta dwarves Janika throws under the bus to stall you, you may wish to include some room markers.

    For instance, there are tons of small, thin Warden banners, but only one large banner (N corner of the room). You should also have a single dead Carta dwarf marking where the exit is. He'll sparkle like he can be looted but I believe he is just ornamental as a marker. (Or maybe his proximity to a pillar makes him only lootable after you finish the puzzle? I can't remember...)

    But this is an excellent way to map the puzzle, thank you. The one YouTube video I normally use for this puzzle bugs the heck out of me because the author pans their camera constantly.

    Have you put this on the DA2 Wikia page?

    1. Oh and you might want to simplify this further by removing the "middle east" and "center" directions. You could use numbers on the graphic and then put the corresponding rotation values in the written directions.

      I don't know why Bioware didn't put a compass on the map. Most non-roaming games have them . . .